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November 4, 2008

What size luggage can I bring on the airplane?

Alright! This is one of the most commonly asked questions amongst travelers before they set off on their trip:

What size suitcase can I take on the airplane?

Baggage Hanling Basket

Baggage Handling Basket

The truth of the matter is every airlines and specific flight is different. But, what you need to know is where to find out the specifics for your flight.  For now, in this blog, we will address the most common scenarios.  But lets first teach you how to find the right information.

First, finding the specifics is pretty easy. Most airlines have a “1-800″ number that you can just call and find out these details. A good resource for these numbers is right here on  On the Travel Advise Page you will find this link Airline Toll Free Number Directory.  If you are as impatient as me and don’t want to talk to an automated phone system, then you might be more inclined to check out the airlines website directly.  For a list of common airlines websites visit our Travel Advise page or, just Click Here for a huge list.

Now, more commonly:

-common carry-on demensions

1. Your Personal Carry-On Bag

You can carry-on one bag to fit in the over head compartment and one to fit under the seat in front of you (personal).  You want to bring a small bag for placing under the seat as a personal items that you can get to.  During your flight you will be able to access this bag very easily. Also, you will make sure someone doesn’t get a hold of your personal things such as a wallet, passport boarding pass, etc.

My Recommendation: VBR412X - “Span Expandable Rolling Brief” This bag will slip under the seat in front of your with no problems. Its wedge shape gives you an advantage in tight quarters.  Its features a laptop compartment, lots of pocket space for electronic and other gadgets.  It weighs in at only seven pounds.



2.  Your Main Carry-On Bag

You don’t want the “over head compartment” luggage to exceed 22 inches or 56cm in height (including wheels). Some flights allow a larger size (for example. JET BLUE) and some require a smaller bag. Every airplane has different over head compartment sizes so don’t be surprised if you need to adjust for this.

My  Recommendation: The Briggs & Riley TD-U521X upright wheeled bag is an excellent choice for carry-on.  It doesn’t have a hard shell.  Its made of really tough nylon, but is soft like a duffel bag so it is capable of fitting into small spots like over head compartments in small airplanes.  It expands to fit more clothes than other suitcases in its class.  Its height is 21 inches so it will meet the constraints of even the toughest flights.



3. Checked Baggage

For your check baggage, this is the most important factor when deciding which bag to take or purchase for your next trip.  Your carry-on bag won’t matter so much as long as you are perfectly capable of lugging it around yourself. Your checked bag on the other hand, should be thought out a little more thoroughly.  Many airlines have implement fees for bags that are over weight.  Again, every airline is different and every flight is different, so check with the airline you are traveling with ahead of time.  Here is a link to Airline information.  So, choose a bag that is light weight to start with. Also, don’t choose a bag is too big! Not just because it weights more but because you might pack more clothes and junk in it.  The junk inside your luggage is what really comprises most of the weight.

My Recommendation: Briggs & Riley Superlight 26″ wheel luggage.  This case only weighs 12 lbs but can carry almost 5,000 cubic inches of clothing and junk.  Also, it has internal framing to keep the suitcase from caving in on your belonging. So basically its tough, lightweight and very reasonable in price.

U526S - 26" Superlight Wheeled


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Posted by Steven on November 4, 2008 at 3:02 pm


  1. [...] a bag that is large enough to handle all the things you need to take, but small enough to fit the size requirements for carry on luggage at your airline. A soft sided bag is best, as it can serve as a pillow should you become stranded [...]

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  3. thanks this was very helpfull!!!


    Written by kaha — January 14, 2010 at 1:01 pm

  4. your welcome! thats what we do… ;)

    Written by Steven — February 4, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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